TMJ Therapy

Have you experienced cracked teeth or pain in the morning in your jaw? TMJ Therapy could be the answer to your discomforts caused by these issues.

TMJ Therapy

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Do you wake up from your sleep clenching your teeth? Have you experienced several cracked teeth or pain in the morning in your jaw? TMJ Therapy could be the answer to all your discomforts caused by these issues. TMJ stands for the temporal-mandibular joint, which is vital in the function and movement of the jaw. Complications in this joint may be caused by misalignment of the teeth, trauma, or excessive muscle tension. TMJ therapy will minimize any symptoms you may be experiencing.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is the common name given to temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull, sliding back and forth as you open and shut your mouth. This “ball and socket” movement needs to be perfectly aligned in order to function effectively and is used while chewing, talking and breathing. Sometimes this joint does not function properly, causing pain and discomfort which can be felt in your jaw, mouth and neck. At Phung Tran Dental Clinic, our dentists are familiar with a range of solutions to help relieve TMJ pain. If you are experiencing any TMJ symptoms, call us today to book your consultation.

Why would you need TMJ treatment?

Typically, TMJ pain is caused by an issue with the joint itself. In some cases, you may experience referred TMJ pain caused by issues with other parts of your body. In these cases, TMJ pain may be treated with physiotherapy or similar treatments. However, the majority of TMJ cases are best treated by your dentist who can provide a range of dental solutions.

What happens during my TMJ treatment?

During your consultation at Phung Tran Dental Clinic, your dentist will begin by determining the cause of your TMJ pain. Issues with the temporomandibular joint can be caused by excessive teeth grinding and clenching, poor TMJ alignment when chewing or by stress, poor sleep or trauma. Once your dentist has determined the cause of your TMJ issues, they will develop an appropriate dental care plan for you. One of the most common and most successful treatments for TMJ is splint therapy. Traditionally worn at overnight to prevent grinding and clenching, your splint will be fitted and moulded during your appointment at Phung Tran Dental Clinic. Your dentist may also prescribe muscle relaxants to help in the short-term with your TMJ symptoms.

What happens after my TMJ treatment?

After your TMJ consultation, your dentist will organise a follow-up appointment to monitor your TMJ pain. If you are still experiencing significant TMJ pain, your dentist will suggest alternative dental solutions to manage your issues. If you are experiencing discomfort from your splint, you can also call Phung Tran Dental Clinic to organise a refitting. Contact Phung Tran Dental Clinic in Footscray today to discuss the solutions for your TMJ pain today!

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